Broxtowe Borough Council and Syrian Refugees

A Syrian refugee child who fled the violence from the Syrian town of Flita, near Yabroud, poses for a photograph at the border town of Arsal
At its meeting last night, the Borough Council unanimously agreed to respond to the Government’s initiative to take in Syrian refugees from camps in Lebanon and Jordan. The Leader of the Council, Richard Jackson, expressed the hope that residents would also be able to help with accommodation. On Friday 18 September he and the chief executive, Ruth Hyde, will be meeting the Home Office to discuss the next steps.

The wording of the motion was: ‘This Council will engage positively with the Government’s invitation to participate in meeting the needs of Syrian refugees and will seek assurances from Government that measures will be put in place to ensure that the impacts on this Council will be recognised.’

In support, I presented a petition signed by 458 residents of Broxtowe representing many different groups: choirs, voluntary groups, Christians, Muslims, neighbours and individuals. Several offered accommodation and wanted to be kept informed.

Many years ago this council working with the community welcomed and housed refugees from Vietnam.

We are preparing to do the same now.

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